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FAQs: Responding to enquiries

How do I reply to enquiries?

Click the link in the ‘How to reply’ section of the enquiry. This should open a blank email with a prefilled subject line that the journalist will recognise. If you prefer to include the original enquiry in your reply, you can click reply and copy and paste the reply to email address from the body of the enquiry. For tips on what to include in a reply to an enquiry see this blog post 'Nine tips for responding to journalist enquiries'.

How will my reply appear to the journalist?

Your replies to journalists will appear as a direct and personal email from you addressed to the journalist’s real email address.

Is there a maximum size for email file attachments in my replies?

Yes, the maximum is 25MB. But, *please* note that journalist feedback is that large attachments in emails are annoying, and can be costly – especially on mobile data plans. We recommend attachments are avoided and documents or images are shared via links to file sharing services like WeTransfer.

Can you include some more information about the media outlet?

We try to keep the email enquiries themselves as succinct as possible. If you follow the link in the enquiry to the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service website you will often find some additional information about the publication, including circulation, distribution types, frequency and a media outlet sector classification.