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How do I know my enquiry has been sent?

Make a note of the enquiry number on the confirmation screen when you submit a request and you can check with us if there’s any problem or delay. If you give an email address with your request, you’ll receive a copy identical to that we send out to our subscribers, at the same time they do. Shortly after that you should start to receive replies – if you’re worried at any time, contact us and we’ll investigate.

I’ve not had the results I expected, is that right?

Most journalists do get the responses they ask for – although there are always some enquiries that just won’t work and sometimes the timing isn’t right. We can try to help you get better results if you let us know of any problems. If you’re not getting the replies you wanted to any request, forward it to us and we’ll check everything’s technically right, and see if we can suggest anything that will improve your responses.

I’ve made a mistake in my enquiry/my enquiry has changed, can I fix it?

Get in touch as soon as possible: if the enquiry hasn’t been distributed we may be able to fix it before our subscribers receive it. If not, we can correct the version on our database, and send out a correction to the same people on your behalf. We do this several times a week and our subscribers understand that sometimes your story changes or you need to be more precise about your request so don’t hesitate to ask us to update a request you’ve already sent.