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I’ve got a really tight deadline, is it worth sending an enquiry?

During working hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm) we should normally be able to distribute your request within an hour and you can set a deadline of as little as one hour. If you submit a request outside these times we’ll process it first thing the next day (and sometimes before). Your enquiry will reach 1000s of relevant contacts and most journalists get the answers they want so it is worth trying even the toughest request. Contact us if you would like advice on getting the best results for a particular request.

I’ve had all the replies I need, can I stop any more from coming through?

Yes, let us know, and we can shorten your deadline and prevent any further replies reaching you via email.

I’ve got an ongoing request that doesn’t have a real deadline (a regular column or section) – can I leave out the deadline?

We have to give every enquiry a deadline to make sure that we’re not displaying enquiries that are long out of date to our subscribers – this is why we allow you up to one year. But you will get better results by sending your request regularly and this will allow you to tweak it if you need to. Once a month is a good frequency for resending ongoing requests like this, but as always, get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll try to get you the best results for every request.