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Enquiry short summary

Give a brief summary of your request; depending on how our recipients view your enquiry this may help to catch their attention and get you better results. You can use up to 120 characters.

Expertise sought

You can give as much or as little information as you need to explain your needs. As a rule it helps to be as specific as possible – provide a synopsis if you can, and the kind of response you need. Do you want to interview someone? If so, who? Do you need photography? What quality? Where and how should it be sent? Do you need to see products or just want some information? Do you hate attachments?

Remember: ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service recipients are seeking opportunities for media coverage for their clients / companies. Often the advantage to them will be obvious if you're asking for quotes and interviews or product information but sometimes you'll need to point out the advantages. Can you make the benefit of replying to your enquiry clearer?


A deadline is compulsory because it governs how long your enquiry stays up on our website and how long recipients have to reply to your request. We normally recommend you choose a shorter deadline, and send a follow up request if necessary.


Select the categories you feel are most relevant to your enquiry. Try not to choose too many, we recommend limiting the number of categories to 3 if you can – take a look at the a-z category index to find the most relevant categories for your subject, and if you aren't sure, email hello@responsesource.com

Preview and submit your enquiry

After you click "Preview" you will see a proof of your enquiry. Check the deadline and contact details especially, then either make changes or post your enquiry using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Once your enquiry has been distributed (usually within 15 minutes) you will receive a copy by email which is identical to that sent to ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service subscribers. (Note: - you'll only be able to receive this copy if you've given your email address as one of your contact methods) If you don't receive this email it's likely there has been a problem – please contact us.

In order to keep the service as effective as possible, we may restrict the number of categories an enquiry is sent to, and we may not release enquiries which are not suitable. But we interfere as little as possible and your enquiry can be in recipients’ inboxes in as little as 15 minutes.

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Or contact us on: 0345 370 7777 / hello@responsesource.com